Being profiled.

Today was my first time being profiled by the deputy principle. It involves the DP sitting in the classroom and observing the class and my teaching. I was so nervouse at first but after the first 5 mins I forgot he was in the room.

It was during a math lesson and at the very start of the lesson I had a Power point up on the IWB that I began teaching and modelling off. All of a sudden the computer turned off and all the kids thought it was hilarious. Luckily I had a sheet they had to cut stuff out of so I got them doing that while the computer rebooted.

After the lesson I went and spoke to the DP to discuss all the notes he took and it was very positive. I’ve got a few things I didn’t know about that I am going to try and improve while I finish this week off.


Having a laugh

On Friday and today I had the whole class as my own. The teacher sat at the back of the classroom and I had his desk and the class to my self! It feels great having them all day even though it is exhausting. Being grade 5, the students are going through that hormonal growing up stage and its fun to be able to have a joke with them.

Although today when I made the whole class stay back for detention for breaking the rules during class, one of the boys was moving his mouth as if he was trying to talk. And it wasn’t just small movements, it was large exaggerated movements. I tried so hard to look at him with an angry face, but instead the biggest smile and snicker came over me. He wasn’t breaking the silence rule as he wasn’t making any noise, and he knew it to.

Another one of the boys pretends he is sick and has to go home when the Lote teacher comes, or we have to do something he doesn’t like. Today when we were walking back from the library I told him we were doing the English assessment and he was trying to tell me his mum was picking him up to go to a dentist app. I kept asking him where his note was and just going along with it to see what else he could come up with. If I didn’t know him, he probably would of been convincing. Some of the stuff they come out with is hilarious!


Don’t judge me…

But I get really excited when I make activity sheets and extension activities that still relate to the content but are a bit of fun to. For example, in science we are learning about space and today the class had to do their assessment task. I thought I would be a “cool” teacher and find a space colouring in sheet that had a minion from Despicable Me dressed in an astronaut jumpsuit holding a flag on the moon. I almost wanted to sit down and do it with them!

I always keep a hard copy of any resource that I make, laminate it, and stick it into my resource folder. Never know when you might need it!

Here is a website that has cool word search templates.

Reflection whilst in my final week

It’s great to see other pre-service teachers reflecting on their time on prac, and majority of them have good stories to tell. Like Erin who talks about all the different things she has been exposed to whilst on prac.

My mentor is great! He gives so much great constructive feedback and I am trying my very best to work on everything. I think I am finding myself getting caught in the moment of teaching a lesson and forget to pull up on the students who want to see how far they want to stretch my limits. One of the most important things I have learnt, and I am still trying to improve on, is the fact that everything has to be modelled by the teacher first.

I had an English lesson go a bit pear shaped when I was unprepared as it was continuing on with an assessment piece so I didn’t think a lesson plan would be necessary as I thought “I got this” “It’s easy”. Then come to realise that I wasn’t prepared (didn’t have copies of the assessment so I had to borrow one of the students).

I’ve always been a lot more confident at English rather than Math but this time around I feel like I am doing a great job on Math and the concepts and have no idea what all this technical lingo is for English. Feel like I need to go back to school myself!!

Behavior management.

As discussed in my previous blog, I started teaching science on the first day of prac this week. As it’s now the third day of teaching science to different year 5 classes I have been able to fix up and tighten the same lesson. My mentor gave feedback about my behavior management skills and strategies. I wasn’t being firm enough with them and the groups of boys that muck around all the time were getting away with it.

After getting awesome feedback from the other pre service teachers on the FB forum, I tried out some of those strategies in today’s lesson. I asked the class at the beginning of the lesson to remind me what the school rules are (Be responsible, respectful and safe). I also explained to them if I thought the class was wasting my time I would put minuets on the board and they would have to stay back in their lunch time.

There was still the occasional calling out and joking around but it wasn’t as bad as the last class as I kept putting the minuets on the board which settled them back down.

In the end I had three students stay back as they were the most disruptive. I had them stay for a minuet and have them explain to me why they had to stay back and what will happen if they do it again.

My mentor said the behavior management was a lot better today which I’m so glad I improved on that!

Day one complete.. 14 days to go!

I survived my first day of prac! I must say I did want to go into the corner and cry a couple of times….

Not because of my mentor or class because they are great, but because of my anxiety and lack of confidence. I had freaked myself out that much on the drive to the school.

But now after the first day I do feel a little bit more relieved as I have already bit the bullet and taught my first science class. It was great to see the kids participating in the activity I made. The first part of the lesson was a bit rough but as I have to teach the same lesson for the next three days (to all of the year 5 classes) I can use this time to reflect on the lesson and take the mentors feedback and make the lesson better for the next year 5 class. It’s great getting feedback on a lesson and actually being able to change it and re teach the same lesson to see if those changes make a difference.

Unlike Amanda who believes her school may be lacking some ICTs, my school seems to have a decent amount. I was shocked to see that they have a green screen in the library. However, I have no idea how to use these ICTs and I am resorting to using digital cameras in one of my math lessons which will be followed by making a small clip incorporating the photos.

First thoughts on Prac

So I met with my mentor today. I must say it is the first time having a male mentor and I am excited to see how a male teacher is in the classroom. I feel like I will be learning a lot more different strategies that I can add to my teaching pedagogy.

I will be teaching Science the first day and for the rest of the time I am there. I will be taking on spelling and maths at the end of the first week. Doing all of science and maths in the second week. The last week, well…. I will be teaching all day every day. I have never done that before and I am so nervous. If I can pull it off successfully at least I will know what it will be like during my internship next year.

The students are looking forward to meet me and my bag of five goodies that represent who I am. It’s a technique he uses with all of his prac students and other strangers to the classroom.

I think my bag will include:

  • A photo of my dogs as I am an animal lover and they are my babies.
  • A DVD of one of my favorite animated movies as I am still a child at heart.
  • A camera as I love taking photos.
  • Maybe something from a board game as I love board games and having game nights.
  • Maybe a pocket watch as I collect them.

Not sure on the last two points. It is rather challenging thinking of things.